Toothed Wrack Tips with whitebeam berries and carrot...

- 25g toothed wrack tips;
- 1 large carrot, sliced thinly into lozenge shaped pieces;
- 25g whitebeam berries, whole;
- rapeseed oil;
- 1 very small clove of garlic, crushed;
- some wild chervil greenery, finely chopped;
- a knob of butter;
- sea salt.



1. Boil the carrots in as little water as possible and a knob of butter, until just becoming tender, with most of the water evaporated. If need be, top up the water during the cooking process.

2. Fry the wrack tips plus sea salt on a high heat in a little oil until dark and crispy. Remove from the pan and put them to one side.

3. Remove the carrots from their pan, but reserve the remaining liquid; fry the carrots with the crushed garlic and whitebeam berries and a little more salt, until the berries just begin to lose colour.

4. Push this lot to one side and return the wrack to the pan- the other side- for 30 seconds.

5. Put the carrots and berries in a small bowl and pour over the (reheated) cooking liquid then top with the wrack tips and sprinkling of chervil.

Serving suggestions: this just makes a small bowlful, a little tasty snack.