Dandelion leaf, a bitter green commonly used in Italian salads, complemented here in a diverse salad...


50g sea beet stalks

20g dandelion (chopped if you are nervous about bitterness, whole if you like a bit more concentrated bitter bite);

10g rock samphire;

30g finely chopped onion or shallot (half a bannna shallot or small red onion);

10g ginger roughly grated then chopped- minced really- with large chopping knife;

1 tablespoon toasted seseme seeds;

1 medium sized carrot (about 70g), grated;

1 small desert apple, grated.


3 tablespoons almond (or other mild) oil;

- 2 tablespoons cider vinegar;

- ½ teaspoon mustard;

- Sea salt.

Serving suggestion: with something rich such as mushrooms on toast/grilled kidneys on toast.