Journey with us through flavour and sensory stimulation with the help of the delicious food source from the deep; seaweeds.

You will be immersed in the world of edible algae as we explore the fabled intertidal zone of the Isle of Thanet beaches foraging for different seaweed species.

Expert forager and author Miles Irving will detail characteristics - both botanical and culinary - of our native species of seaweeds and you will be invited to sample them direct from the source.

You will have the chance to engage with a variety of wild harvested seaweeds, eating them both raw and cooked to explore the potential of this tasty resource. We have found through experience that by eating wild food you gain confidence in integrating it into your diet; becoming just a bit more wild with every bite.

A light lunch incorporating the foraged plants will be prepared and served to highlight some of the key principles of seaweed cuisine.

Course outline:

- Introduction to red, brown and green edible algae

- Foraging in the intertidal zone and identifying different native species

- Investigating the flavour chemistry of different seaweeds and how to use them

- Practical uses for a variety of seaweeds in delicious healthy meals

- Using umami synergy principles to enhance savoury meals with seaweeds

Saturday 22nd June 2019

Details: 10am - 3pm  |  £90  |  Meeting place revealed soon

About Miles Irving

Foraging expert Miles Irving has been writing, speaking and teaching on the topic of wild food for over fifteen years. His book The Forager Handbook was published by Ebury Press in 2009 and is considered to be one of the 'must-haves' for budding and experienced foragers alike.

He is the founder and director of Forager Ltd, and the host of the WorldWild Podcast connecting foragers, foodies, and philosophers from around the world. His travels in the world of wild food and in search of further knowledge have taken him to the depths of the Brazilian Amazon and the outback with indigenous communities in Australia.

Miles has led foraging workshops at Kew Gardens, the MAD symposium (organised by NOMA in Denmark) and for many of the top restaurants across the country (Dinner by Heston, Hix group, Restaurant Flat Three to name a few). He has been featured in the BBC 4 Food Programme, The Telegraph, Guardian Food Monthly, The Financial Times, at the Biohacker Summit, and is regularly sought out for his wisdom on a wide range of current ecological issues pertaining to our place as humans in the wild and the emerging future of food production and supply.