At this time of the year, many plants are preparing to flower and start to grow stems.

At this stage the stems are tender (like asparagus) and lend themselves to use as cooked vegetables and also in salads. In the morning, we will find and collect stems from several edible wild plants as well as leaves with crunchy stalks.

Then after a light lunch we will all head into the forager kitchen to explore various ways to prepare and eat what we harvested in the morning.

Participants will all go home with a collection of wild stalks and stems plus literature outlining how to use them so that the learning experience can continue at home.

A light lunch will be provided which will highlight some of the processes explored in the course of the day.

Wednesday 5th June 2019



Saturday 8th June 2019

DETAILS: 10am - 3pm  |  £90  |  Meet at Forager in the Kent countryside: map