This course will teach participants to identify edible plants based on what are known as vegetative characteristics - the more or less green parts of the plants rather than flowers or seeds.

They will also learn the basic characters of the major plants families such as the Carrot, Cabbage and Daisy families.

The day will start with a session introducing general information such as leaf types, how to use of loops (small hand lenses) to look at smaller plant parts and getting to grips with the terminology used in field guides.

In the afternoon we will be out and about looking at plants and applying this new found knowledge.

Basic uses of the plants gathered will also be covered and indeed, experienced as part of the light lunch we will share half way through the day.

Wednesday 13th March 2019
Saturday 16th March 2019

Details: 10am - 3pm  |  £90  |  Meet at Forager in the Kent countryside: map