Crunchy coleslaw with green stalks and seaweed...

- Stalks of: ox-eye daisy, sea beet, wild chervil, sea aster and hogweed; chopped into small pieces, about 6 mm;
- 75g white beam berries (seeds and all), roughly chopped;
- 50g wrack tips, roughly chopped;
- 40g peeled, deseeded cucumber, finely diced;
- 25g diced apple (a sour one ideally such as Bramley);
- A small piece of ginger (about 8g) grated then chopped very finely;
- 60g yoghurt (non-dairy is fine);
- 12g extra virgin olive oil;
- Salt & black pepper.


1. Combine all the chopped ingredients, then the garlic and olive oil, then lastly, add salt and pepper to taste.