Toothed wrack is often found on the lower shore, two wild recipes coming up...

Toothed wrack broth

- 20g toothed wrack;
- 5 dried shitake or 6 dried oyster mushrooms;
- 15 rowan berries, chopped finely;
- 4 Japanese rose hips, deseeded and chopped into strips;
- leaflets of 10g salad burnett;
- 15 wild mignonette seed pods, chopped roughly;
- ponzu dressing.

1. Immerse toothed wrack and dried mushrooms in a 1litre of water in a pan, bring almost to boil and simmer on lowest heat possible (ideally about 65 degrees celsius) for 2-3 hours (longer if you can).

2. Strain, then discard the mushrooms.

3. Reserve about a third of the cooked toothed wrack. Take the remaining third and cut into manageable sized pieces for spooning out when eating; return strained broth to gentle heat on your stove, add the prepared wrack and warm through. 

4. Place the rest of the ingredients in the two bowls and spoon over the broth and wrack.


Wrack Salad


- Remaining 2/3 of cooked wrack after making broth;
- 10 rowan berries, chopped finely;
- 4 rose hips, deseeded and cut into eighths;
- 10g salad burnett, leaflets picked down and stalks chopped;
- Ponzu dressing*

1. Break down/ cut larger pieces of wrack to make them easier to eat; combine the remaining solid ingredients then add ponzu to taste.


*Ponzu Dressing recipe:
- 100ml rice vinegar (or 70ml cider vinegar plus 30ml water, 50ml soy sauce, 16ml lemon juice).
Combine all ingredients (leave open to the air several hours in advance as there is an oxidation process which takes place but needs time in order to develop the flavour of the sauce).