Forager is one of the most innovative food businesses trading in the UK today. We supply some of Britain's top restaurants with over 160 different wild ingredients sourced from the British Isles. We are pioneering the use of food plants which have been either under used or completely overlooked in the recent past. These wild plants are highly nutritious and are produced in the most sustainable way possible since they require no inputs of any kind beyond those supplied by the weather and the landscape.

Forager is currently recruiting stagiers

We are looking for chefs to spend time with us, working as part of our day to day foraging operation in the Kent countryside in the south of England. Often being a stagier in a restaurant means doing fairly basic and repetitive task for much of the time. Whereas here, depending on how long you stay you will forage for as many 160 species of plants, seaweeds and mushrooms, work in a wide variety of habitats and also spend time in our kitchen processing plants for storage (e.g. lacto fermenting) and helping us develop new uses for the ingredients.  We think a grounding in the harvesting and use of wild ingredients ought to be a required element in any modern chefs training and experience.

We are especially interested in welcoming people from overseas, as we are looking to forge partnerships with people working with wild plants in as many countries as we can as part of our long term goal to help promote wild food on a world wide scale. 

Please get in touch with your CV and references and some details of when and for how long you would like to come. We are not presently able to offer any accommodation but hope to be able to do so in the fairly near future  --- information@forager.org.uk

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