The Forager Handbook

The Forager Handbook The Forager handbook has been written to provide a comprehensive, practical guide to finding and using British edible wild plants. There are preliminary chapters covering habitats, seasons, basic foraging skills, and general ways to prepare and eat wild plants. The main body of the text is devoted to exhaustive coverage, by plant family, of over 365 plants: more than one for every day of the year. Each plant entry includes a description, details of habitat and distribution and general notes relating to the history, biology, and past uses of plants. Lastly, there are extensive sections devoted to recipes and uses, many of which were co-written with many top British and European chefs such as Mark Hix, Richard Corrigan, Rene Redzipe, François Couplan, Sam Clarke and Nathan Outlaw. All these chefs have worked with us at Forager during the past five years to develop innovative ways of using these forgotten ingredients.

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