A few words from our current Stagiers about the Wild Food Experience as part of the Forager team.

My perspective on the world has changed, I no longer just see fields of green and seas of blue,. When I look around now I see an abundant and diverse array of delicious and nutritious wild foods waiting to be consumed.

It is no surprise that the Forager team is incredibly knowledgeable about wild plants and their environment, harvest, flavors and utilizations.  They have gained a profound reputation through determination, creativity, and a genuine care not only about their immediate surroundings, but also knowledge sharing with others, promoting a larger appreciation of wild plant usage around the world. 

I can start my testimonial with one word: it changed my life forever, after my experience at forager my whole perspective shifted - about the world and how we connect our self with it. 

In my four weeks spent at Forager, a lot of things have happend for me. Previously I worked in journalism and after studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra/Italy, I was looking for ways to engage with the world of (wild) food.

I approached Forager in early 2016 while searching for a group of commercial foragers with whom to carry out eight weeks of ethnographic fieldwork for my MSc dissertation in ethnobotany (or the relationship between people and plants) at the University of Kent.